A change of plan and annoyance at the back room tosswits destroying the sport of F1

The holiday didn’t go quite as planned, because the caravan site called on Thursday morning to say they were very flooded. Well, how nice of them to bother calling on the previous week when the flooding occured instead of trying to waste our time by calling on the morning of our arrival. What were they expecting us to do with our booked off time at such short notice? What if we had travelled early to call in at places on the way? I have to say that I am not impressed with the attitude of those running the site for that reason.

As it happened we were about to leave when the call came through. A hurried call around several other sites in North Wales revealed that they too were either flooded or fully booked. In the end we decided to leave the caravan and head north to Durham to visit the soon-to-be in-laws. It’s been a nice few days, if truth be told, and we’ve had the change of scenery that we needed as well as visiting family.

As I settle down awaiting the Italian Grand Prix this afternoon, I cannot begin to express my disgust at the tosswits who decide to cheat the results behind the scenes of Grand Prixs. After Lewis Hamilton legitamately won last race (and I’ve rewatched the footage several times and agree with most people that he did not cheat) the tosswits have decided to change the results. What other sport would tolerate faceless imbeciles changing the results afterwards? Can you imagine football fans tolerating watching a match only to find out the following day that the team that lost actually won? I think not.

For me this is another nail in the coffin of F1. I only hope that in the court case fighting this bullshit on the 22nd the Judge thoroughly slaps down the FIA and fines them into oblivion for their deceitful cheating of the results after the races. This isn’t the first time that these imbeciles have tried to destroy the sport for what appears to be their desire to cheat the results. Have they a lot of money riding on bets for the Ferrari drivers to win the World Championship? Are they so incompitant that they cannot see that the world regards them as fools intent on destroying F1 as a popular sport?

I digress 🙂