Say, that’s a nice head….

I always find it odd when I get headhunted for a job. It happens maybe half a dozen times a year, and is usually because of my past work in the media and broadcasting, though sometimes other management jobs come up. I’ve never accepted one yet, though that’s not to say that I never would.

Today’s emails brought yet another one. I’m being headhunted by a company in Consett, near Durham. I guess they haven’t realised that I moved from Durham about ten months ago, but it’s nice that they thought of me. The money is actually really good for a job in the North East, but is still less than what I get at the moment, so that’s one reason (other than the fact I just moved away from the North East) for turning it down.

It’s a curious feeling to be singled out for a job without ever applying for it. It gives me a lovely glowing feeling of being wanted. It’s at times like this that I, toungue in cheek, tell Zoë that: “I’m so great, they should just give me a medal.” Quite.