Röyksopp’s night out

We’ve had visitors this weekend, so there hasn’t been a lot of time to do writing related stuff. I have, however, prepared a short story that has been sent in Saturday’s post to Interzone – a very influential sci-fi/fantasy magazine in the UK. Fingers crossed that this might just get published. It follows on the heels of a short story sent to Alienskin in the US.

Today I have prepared two more short stories for possible sending off during next week, so I need to look up some other magazines to send to. I’ve found it hard to get into any big new project, so I seem to have instead tied up loose ends. With the second edition of ‘Daytrippers’ finished on Friday, I’ve returned to ‘The Atlantic Connection’ and re-written the synopsis to reflect the changes that have happened in the plot when I went on to write the second half. With this done, all that is left is to get my partner to read through and edit as necessary.

I find editing my own work very hard, as it can be very difficult to detach myself from the creative process. I’ve heard this said by other writers too. We look at our own work and think “What’s wrong with it? I can’t see anything to change.” Perhaps we are blinded by having written it and been too deeply immersed in the creative process? Who knows.

This week I’m quite busy with lots of other things, so I doubt I will get too much writing done. Ideally, I would like to do a short story, but the biggest problem is, as always, finding inspiration rather than the writing process itself. I’m still developing that sci-fi/horror idea I had, and one thought is to see whether I could write it initially as a short story that if prooved successful I could expand and rewrite later to become a full book. It is a thought.

Finally, the title of this post is a not-so-cryptic reference to what I am listening to. It’s something that I sometimes get asked about as to what the hell my story titles and chapter headings mean. They rarely refer to the text and can be quite abstract. Well, often (but not always) they are a subtle reference to the music I am listening to at the time. Of course, I have a lot of exceptions to this rule, but it seemed as good a process as any for coming up with titles. Now I bet you would never have guessed that if I had not have told you.