A choice

I have been working so hard recently that I have hardly seen the inside of my own house for what feels like months. The fire burns brightly in the new wood-burning stove but the most I often see is the smoke rising from the chimney as I go past, busy working all the hours possible in the run up to Christmas.

Which is why I am so grateful to have the next few days to myself. I am thinking about the next novel but it is not certain what I will be writing. I have several ideas brewing, which is a nice position for a writer to be in, but at the same time it means I have to make a decision that I am not used to.

Do I write the second novel in the ‘Orb of Arawaan‘ series? Do I complete the ‘Stars‘ saga with ‘Alone in the Stars‘? Do I write one of the other science-fiction or horror stories I have been mulling over for the last year or so? Oh it’s a lovely feeling to have so many options but my goodness, this is not a decision that can be taken lightly. Whichever I choose, I will be working on the story for months into the future. Will I like what I produce and want to continue with it? Will the story turn out to be a monster that I just cannot wrestle into something readable? Only time will tell.

In the mean time, here is another short visit to my train shed for you to enjoy. 🙂