Book signings – Bolton and Manchester

On Tuesday I have been invited to meet the Mayor of Bolton as a local author. I’ve met him as well as three previous Mayor’s of Bolton, but never in the capacity of being a local author. It feels odd to be considered noteworthy enough to get such an invite!

Also don’t forget that this coming weekend there are two book signings. Both are at branches of Waterstones. On Saturday I will be at Bolton Waterstones signing copies of my books. This has always been a good venue for me and I’m looking forward to making this my fourth visit to the store to do a signing. Sunday sees me at Manchester Arndale at the branch there. This is a new venue for me, though I’ve done the Manchester Deansgate and Trafford Centre branches before. Hopefully there will be a good turnout as Manchester busies up with Christmas shoppers. What better gift to get than a personalised signed copy of my newest book?

Reviews and feedback from those who have been reading ‘Twinkle little star’ are coming in now, and I am overwhelmed by the positive comments. It seems that despite the fact that I have to admit I didn’t enjoy the writing process as much as for the previous book, the end result is blowing people away! Momentum is building and it is exciting though a little scary at the same time. Hopefully I can make the third (and final – promise!) ‘Stars’ book better still. Though don’t hold your breath, as I haven’t started writing it yet. I have, however, written another book which is still in the editing stages with no planned release date as yet.