An open letter to bad drivers

Dear prick in the car on the M55 last night,

If you don’t want the truck driver from ‘Duel’ on your rear bumper with their headlights on main beam, then why not try letting them overtake you instead of speeding up when they pull out then slowing down when they pull back in. It got old fast after several aborted overtaking attempts.

As another suggestion, your personalised numberplate alluding to the size of your penis might be better representative of you if you chose to buy something like ‘W4 NKR’. Just a suggestion.

2 thoughts on “An open letter to bad drivers

  1. So, spill the beans, was it a Subaru, Audi or BMW318? The usual car of choice for the W4…

    A good job the M55 is not as long as the A14. Don’t let them get to you.

    Suzie x

  2. Actually, it was a VW. These days though I find more often than not, Audis have become the new transportation of choice of bad drivers. Audis are the new BMWs?

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