After the event: Wigan

The book signing at Wigan Waterstones last Saturday went extremely well. I was a little worried beforehand travelling there on the train, but we got there without incident and called in at the shop to drop off some of our stuff before heading off for some breakfast. The train times were a little awkward and we had to get to Wigan an hour early as the next train would have left us five minutes late.

It’s been a while since we were at Wigan Waterstones last, though it was a very good venue for me on the ‘Bringing home the stars’ tour. It didn’t disappoint this time either, and I was soon signing books once set up at the table by the door. There was another author in doing signings for a children’s book, and we got chance to have a chat. The other author quizzed me about signings (this was her third signing for her first book) and it felt odd to be considered an old hand; though perhaps I am now.

Strangely BHTS seemed the more popular book. This was because a lot of people chose to read that book first, as they wanted to “read them in order” though I was keen to stress that neither book requires readers to read the other, such are the largely self-contained nature of their plots. Still, hopefully a lot of people will be back to buy ‘Twinkle little star’ after enjoying BHTS. Strangely I only found one person who picked up a copy of both there and then. However sales were very good, and we even went through a few of the extra copies that we took along just in case!

The next signings will be Bolton Watersones on the 19th of this month, and Manchester Arndale on the 20th – see you there! I shall also be doing some promotion work on Tuesday the 15th and have been invited to Bolton town hall to meet the Mayor of Bolton. It’s all excitement!