Books, signings and tiny trains going around in a circle.

I’ve been a little useless at updating the blog. The main reason has been that I’ve been away from home touring the country for day-job related work. It couldn’t have come at a more awkward time given that the new book has just been launched. However Zoe has made an admirable effort in doing promotion on her own and has already begun the process of booking signings. These should be taking place in the main on Saturdays, though there is one confirmed for a Sunday (Manchester Arndale). We were hoping that there would be some in October, but we’re still waiting for one store to get back to us after they asked last month about booking a signing. As usual things are all a little tight on time.

Usually around about now I get asked “when will the next book be out?” Oh you impatient people! Well, I have another book (not the final entry in the ‘Stars’ trilogy before you ask) written though it needs another draft doing before I’ll send it to the publishers and see what they think about it. I haven’t had time to write much else of fiction, but I’ve been thinking over a number of ideas and plots, so it isn’t like I’m starved of inspiration. In the next few weeks I’m hoping to reduce the day-job back to four days which should give me extra time to devote to writing.

And finally, I’ve managed to build into the shed the model railway that I’ve always wanted, which may also be partly responsible for my lack of writing and promotion time. But still; everyone needs a hobby or two. I mused the other day with Zoe that for some-one who outwardly at least looks and acts rather like a girly femme girl, I have some rather Tomboyish likes and interests. Still, whatever floats my boat. Which reminds me that I haven’t had nearly enough opportunity to go sailing this year either. The house move certainly has taken a lot of time and money, but we’re resolved that next year we’re going to do more holidays with the boat. I just hope that we don’t turn into the sort of people who are all talk about what they are going to do, but never actually get around to doing it.