"Twinkle little star"

Dead men can’t talk. Dead men tell no tales. That’s what the salvagers always said.

“Do you make a habit of stalking?”

“No.” He thought of Tubs’ message and the Cerberus. “Usually things make a habit of stalking me.”

Now she seemed interested, though it was a fleeting glimpse in her body language that he picked up on. Otherwise, she hid her emotions well.

He decided to lay it all on her, and see what the reaction was. What the hell – if she brushed him off like a piece of dirt, then he hadn’t lost anything. Sooner or later it usually came to that for Dezza.

“I’m here because I’ve got a feeling that something bad is going to happen on this cruise.”

It started out as a holiday cruise of a lifetime. But there were always the nagging thoughts in the back of Dezza’s mind that things weren’t going to be what they seemed. When a voice from the past warns you that something bad is going to happen, it isn’t usually cause for concern. Except Tubs was dead, and the message was clear: the Persia was going to be next.

“Twinkle little star” coming on the 1st of October 2011 in paperback.