On the screen or on the page?

It has been something of a busy few weeks. Apparently, moving house is the easy bit! We now have to pay for this little castle. Consequently I’m doing a lot of overtime at the day job, which in turn means very little time to spend blogging or on the internet. I have to say, I haven’t missed it. I have had a lot of time though for mulling over new plot ideas which, as a writer, is a good thing.

Sales figures for ‘Bringing home the stars’ have slowed a little as the recession has kicked in. Waterstone’s branches I’ve been into to sign at have been reporting a fall off in trade in general, and this can in part be attributed to the recession. According to a report by Amazon, however, some of the drop can also be laid firmly at the door of the rise of the eBook phenomenon. I’ve blogged before about how eBooks seem to have exploded onto the scene this year following what appears to be the readers having been hot Christmas presents for a lot of people at the end of 2010. ‘Stars’ is selling well on the ereader formats, so I’m getting my little slice. It isn’t as satisfying as paper copies shifting though.

Finally, the spell checker in Google’s Chrome browser does not natively recognise the words ‘blogging’ ‘blogged’ or ‘blogger’ – what kind of an oversight is this?