Break in; break out.

In a break from normality the car passed its MOT first time without even acquiring any advisory notices. I also had a very interesting philosophical discussion about politics with a gentleman whilst waiting for it to be done, so win-win there.

Last night I had an interesting experience in getting locked out of the vehicle I was driving after having pulled in to check something. I shut the door, and the central locking decided that this was of course a brilliant time to lock the vehicle… with the keys in the ignition and the engine running. It is a known fault with Scania R420 lorries, but that was no consolation as I ended up using a passing Policeman’s tyre iron to smash out a side window. There’s something quite ironic about breaking into a vehicle whilst a Policeman stands chuckling. It is intersting to note that automotive safety glass breaks with alarming ease. However, I ended up back on the road after only an hour’s delay.

This morning I’ve dropped off requested paperwork with the solicitor. Hopefully by the end of next week we’ll get a better idea of how long this whole process will take; I’m looking forward to being in the new house! (As I think anyone else would be in the same situation).