Fire, fun and frolics!

Good news yesterday in that the mortgage saga that has been dragging on for months finally came to completion. We now have a mortgage approved officially, and we can move onto the next step of buying a house which is the solicitor stage. I’ve impressed upon them the need for speed, as we need to be away from this house by the end of the month as that’s when the lease runs out. We actually walked into Bolton to the solicitors to show our documents and to pay to speed up the process as much as we could. Fingers crossed that we’ll be in the new house by the end of the month!

Yesterday Zoe and I witnessed a massive fire in Bolton. By all accounts an MOT garage and attached office block caught fire. I doubt there is much left now as I’ve never seen a building fire so intense. I feel really sorry for the people who, according to Google street view, had houses adjoining the site. Strangely there is very little about the fire online, despite the fact that some thirty firefighters and many engines were in attendance. They even had to lay a hose all the way to a nearby river because of a lack of water. Zoe got some videos for posterity, and these are on her Youtube page.

Given the amount of rain that has arrived here in Bolton, I think we managed to get the trip away to Windermere judged just right. It’s just a shame that we couldn’t have had the Easter weekend too because of the gas issue (or more accurately – the hole that wasn’t filled in by them in time). Still, we got there in the end.