When it rains it pours.

One of those curious things I find is that whenever I sneeze, I can smell beeswax polish for a few seconds immediately afterwards. This pretty much always happens, and is regardless of where I am or whatever I am around. I have no explanation for this phenomenon.

The car decided to pop late yesterday evening. Well, doesn’t it just pick its moments leading into the Easter weekend where no-one anywhere seems to work). The bottom hose on the radiator was having a wee on the drive after I got back from picking my parents up from the airport. On closer inspection this appears to be caused by a crack in the mounting for the pipe right up against the radiator. Or to put it another way: the radiator which was fitted brand new less than six months ago is defective. That of course means it is a warrenty repair. However, can I actually get hold of the garage that did the work? No. It seems that they have decided to take Easter Friday off.

The legal beagles amongst you will therefore have come to a similar conclusion to me. Namely that I have taken every step to contact them to rectify the defect, and as they are unavailable I have no choice but to either hire a car for the weekend (it would need a towbar to allow for taking the boat up to Windermere, which had been initially planned for today) and let the garage pick up the hire cost. The other option would be to have the car repaired at another garage and pass on the cost, however the original garage would probably then argue that in not having seen the defect, they were challenging that it ever existed. So it looks like the hire option.

Trouble came in threes yesterday, including the fact that the contractors for the gas supplier had managed to maroon my boat behind a pile of Earth despite my frequent phone calls to their office and their assurances that it would be put right. They didn’t, and I was left speaking to some poor bloke in Sheffield on the phone at 9:00pm who could not get hold of anyone because they had all disappeared home for Easter until Tuesday. First thing Tuesday morning though some bottoms are going to be kicked, because that’s one big hole I have to fill in, and one heavy boat and trailer to drag out of the bushes and back onto the concrete yard surface. If I physically can on my own.

What was the third calamity I hear you ask? Well, that was mortgage related.

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