BBC/2 Entertain poor judgement

An open letter to the BBC/2 Entertain after I discovered their attempts to package a new Doctor Who release exclusively in a box set with a prior release, thus trying to rip-off fans making them buy two copies of the same DVD.

I was deeply disappointed to learn that in a crass money-grubbing move, the BBC/2 Entertain has packaged the forthcoming Doctor Who release ‘Terror of the Autons’ with a duplicate copy of ‘Spearhead from Space’ in this box set. As a long time Doctor Who fan I resent this blatant attempt to charge me for a second copy of ‘Spearhead from space’ that I am not interested in. Enhanced extras are never worth buying a DVD twice and I, along no doubt with many other fans, will not be buying this release on a point of principal. Judging by the comments appearing on internet sites across the internet, I am not alone in not appreciating this attempt to rip-off fans. I would therefore strongly urge you to release ‘Terror of the Autons’ separately from a priorly released title.

The fans are not amused.