Signings to come in the North East this weekend.

My car has been serviced, but I’m sure that it gets harder every time. I don’t think that I am particularly built to crawl under a car any more. Volvo don’t make it easy mind, with how the oil filter and sump plug are mounted. There is, however, something quite satisfying about servicing your own car successfully, and saving best part of fifty squids on what the garage would charge.

Saturday is the Durham Waterstones signing. This will be the second time that I have been to this branch. As the manager at Bolton Waterstones said “We need a clean plate!” meaning that he was tongue-in-cheek suggesting that he wanted me to sign every copy in the shop. We didn’t quite manage it then, but we have done in three other branches since. Could Durham be #4 for such success?

Sunday sees me at the Metro Centre in Gateshead for a signing at the Waterstones branch there. This is a new venue for me, so I’m looking forward to it – if slightly nervous. I’ve been to the Metro Centre quite a few times, having lived twice in the North East in the last fifteen years. If memory serves me correctly, it is quite large, on two floors with a mezzanine level in the downstairs. Unless I am mistaken (which I sometimes am – the memory plays tricks on me).

I’ve found the time to write quite a bit of miscellaneous things over the last few weeks. Nothing particularly finished or on a theme, but I like to keep producing stuff even if I am not showing anyone any of it.