A strange sort of crowd.

The Bolton signing went all right in the end, but it was a tough crowd. This last week has been school half term in Bolton, and this has certainly affected the people out and about. A huge number were with children in tow and headed straight for the children’s section (the author of Horrid Henry seemed to be doing rather well). Other people were moving through going for the Costa for a coffee and left again 30 minutes later without having looked at a single book.

A lot of people did stop and talk. There were a few who already had a copy of the book, and a number who did buy a copy too. But there were also a lot who were very interested in the book but said that cash was too tight at the moment. Maybe after the end of the month payday some will come back and buy a copy off the shelf. It does tally though with the struggle that a lot of people face in a recession so I cannot complain. Still, we did enough to keep me happy so that’s the main thing.

Next stop will be Durham and Gateshead Metrocentre Waterstones back-to-back over a Saturday and Sunday in March.