Trafford Centre debrief and news of the Kindle.

Today’s signing at the Trafford Centre went extremely well. We did very well signing books and it was great to meet and talk with so many people. It was a good crowd, and a talkative bunch. One thing that surprised me is the number of people buying Kindle editions. I can only assume that these have been very popular devices for Christmas 2010! If you roll into the number that I signed on hard copy all the ones sold today for Kindle, you would have a new record daily number sold. What is clear to both myself and my publisher is that it is high time that a Kindle edition of my currently out of print books appeared as a stop gap before a hard copy print run. To this end I have been instructed to complete the editing of ‘The Atlantic Connection’ (should be done by next weekend and the signing in Preston) as well as running my eye over ‘Orb of Arawaan’ and ‘Countdown to Extinction’ so that all three can be formatted and uploaded to be available to Kindle users.

Bedtime beckons, but I shall be a busy little girl tomorrow.