The perfectionist in us all.

Trying to edit one book, knowing that I probably ought to be editing another or writing yet another. I never seem satisfied with what I have achieved as a writer. Still, signing copies of ‘Bringing home the stars’ at the Trafford Centre on Saturday, so it can’t be all bad.

I find myself to be something of a perfectionist, even if sometimes the end results might not feel perfect. I think it is the curse of all artistic types that we are never happy. That’s what drives us on. The trick is knowing when to let go of a previous project and move on. Sometimes though I feel that I’ve improved a lot and break my rules by going back and editing previous stuff. ‘The Atlantic Connection’ is coming on well, but my style has improved so much that it won’t become like I currently write – that would involve binning everything and rewriting it from scratch with the same plot and characters.

I’m listening to a Crystal Method album whilst I write. They are a group I got into when the album Vegas came out (which I have a copy of). Unfortunately they are proving impossible to find copies of in the UK at non-ripoff prices. Before anyone mentions iTunes and downloads, forget it. I do only physical formats so would be looking for CD or LP copies. I can’t be the only one who feels that music is more than just listening but the whole tactile experience of the sleeve notes and using playback equipment.