Trafford Centre Waterstones signing date confirmed.

I have just been told that another signing date has been confirmed. This will be for Saturday the 22nd of January 2011 at the Waterstones branch in the Trafford centre, Manchester. I will be signing at the usual time (from 10:30am).

Preston Waterstones will still be on Saturday the 29th of January (the weekend afterwards) and hopefully there will also be repeat trips to Waterstones branches we have been to before including Bolton and Durham. There are also other unconfirmed venues still to announce.

2 thoughts on “Trafford Centre Waterstones signing date confirmed.

  1. Hello! Just spotted your signing event on the Waterstones Preston website. How long will you be around for?

    Hope to see you there.

  2. Hihi,

    It should run from 10:30am through until 4:30pm. It may go on longer if it remains busy, but the above should be the core times.

    See you there!

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