The Bolton signing debrief.

The book signing at Bolton went very well yesterday. There had been tons of snow overnight, that had started on Friday. I knew that there might be a few issues when I was driving home late on Friday with two inches already down and more falling, and my wiper blades froze leaving me driving like a tank commander.

Of course, Bolton Waterstones has the advantage that it is within walking distance from my house. It was a bit slippy due to the two inches having become closer to six overnight. Once we got to the store, it started snowing heavily again outside. However, as the last shopping weekend before Christmas, people were a determined bunch and the numbers coming through were all right. The staff at the shop were fantastic, and I have to give a shout out to one particular gentleman on staff who was very good at steering potential customers in my direction and helped it to be a very good signing.

I got a chance to speak to a few people who had been at the last Bolton signing as they passed through, and it was nice to get some feedback from those who had read it. All the reports were extremely good; the consensus is that this is a well-written book that is accessible and enjoyable to read. Phew! That’s a relief! The journey home was very slippery, but I made it all right. It certainly got cold though.

I’ve been invited back sometime in the new year. This is likely to be in early February now due to other commitments for signings including the Preston Waterstones event on the 29th of January 2011. I only hope that January will continue to be as successful as November and December have been.