We’ll fix it in the rewrite.

Today I have finally managed to find some time to sit down and write something new. Well, nearly new. The promotion for ‘Bringing home the stars’ has been a toughie, but it’s paying dividends. The problem is that that has left me with little time or energy for writing.

I’ve got ideas, but they’ve been on the back burner. Today I finally made some time and sat at the computer to work on the rewrite for ‘The Atlantic Connection’. The eagle-eyed may notice this book having come and gone a couple of years ago. The story is one of my favourites, but I was less than happy with the way it read. They say publish and be damned, but instead I let it go out of print without being reprinted. Now it’s being rewritten in its entirety and will hopefully resemble when it is finished more of the book that I originally envisaged. It’s still early days though as I’ve managed only twenty pages of rewriting today. With the book signing coming up on Saturday, time is going to quickly be pressed again. Still, that’s the way a writer’s life works. Probably. What the hell do I know?