All aboard the book signing express!

Waterstones at Bolton have confirmed dates as November the 13th. Being a little closer to Christmas, they are expecting beusiness to be quite brisk, so this is a good opportunity for me. I think there is another event on at the same time, but that will be, as I understand it, a children’s book event.

Being within walking distance of Jenny towers, I’m looking forward to this one. It’s running from around 11:00am through until 4:00pm, though as at Darlington I will start early if I get there early, and will keep going until people numbers thin out. I have no idea how many books to expect to shift. Tentatively I’m told the manager has been told to order an extra ten copies. I will, of course, take a box of books with me just in case as I found out at Darlington this can be invaluable when deliveries get delayed.

In other news, google-fu reveals that there appears to be an impact to the PR work. There’s a ton of listings giving details about the book and signing events. Hopefully soon to join them are some features being run by a number of local papers. Momentum is building!