Creepy adverts.

In the strangest of strange stalking ways I seem to be followed around on the internet by adverts for lingerie at John Lewis’. I suspect it has a lot to do with cookies, and the fact that a couple of days ago I was buying a present for some-one through their wedding list at John Lewis and happened to go browsing around. One of the items that I looked at was a pretty basque set.

Now no matter where I go, the adverts that would appear on those sites are for that damn basque! It’s the same picture too. I suppose it says a lot about the way that internet browsers work and the way in which they store details that the average person isn’t aware of. I know it is possible to get add-blocking software. But here’s the dilemma: adverts pay for a lot of stuff on the internet. Life isn’t free, and you appear to get some things for free on the internet because of the adverts that adorn the sites. Webcomics, and the two I contribute to in particular, fall into this category. When people roam in with add-blocking software, they don’t see the adverts and we don’t get any revenue. We aren’t a charity, but some people do seem to think they can take all the time without paying.

Some sites really are in your face with adverts, so I can sympathise with why some people feel obliged to use blocking software. I really hate those sites where hovering adverts float around when you scroll and get in your way. It’s sites like these that give the rest of us a bad name, and make it harder for people to make a living from online sites that provide content for free.

Just a thought. Now will that pretty basque STOP FOLLOWING ME AROUND PLEASE! It’s a good job that I don’t browse adult stuff – who knows what adverts would follow me around like some ruthless S&M stalker on the internet.

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  1. I tend not to block adverts for exactly the reason you describe. However, I do have Firefox set to block popups via its built-in mechanism, and I use Flashblock – not specifically for ads, but it blocks a lot anyway.

    Other ads I let through.

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