Talking like a pirate in a comic.

Today is international talk like a pirate day. I don’t think it is an officially sanctioned event though. Nonetheless, today I shall mostly be talking like Captain L. Jackson: “Yaaaarg motherf****r! Get in the motherf***ing boat! What are these snakes doing on ma damn boat!” It has, however, led to much debate over the years at Jenny towers as to how modern pirates might talk. Actual concensus seems to be that a modern day pirate might be dressed somewhat differently and say something along the lines of “you want a copied DVD? Nice price!” Monday’s ‘All Over the house’ comic strip explores this a little; it’s an idea we’ve had floating around for a while.

We’ve been doing a lot of comics of late because ‘All over the house went five days a week from three a few weeks ago. It has seen the viewing figures nearly quadruple, which is good. The golden rule – so I’m told – of setting a comic scedule is make sure that you don’t miss any updates. We had a buffer, but Zoë’s assignment earlier this week used that up. It wasn’t a big buffer after all. So today she will be drawing all five of next week’s comics.