Vuvuselas are irritating.

I never really liked editing. Actually, I think I described it here more than once as my nemesis. I suppose that is the case when I actually have to do an awful lot. Right now I’m working on the sequel to ‘Bringing home the stars’. It must be weird for most people to read about me polishing up a sequel to a book that isn’t on general release yet, but bear with me….

I wrote an entire book in between finishing the first draft of BHTS2 (There is a name for it, but as I’ve always refered to the sequel as this, it is easier to keep track). It’s the best way to go as putting a book to one side after finishing a draft means that you can have a few weeks doing something else that distances you from the creative processes of the writing. In this way, when you do come back to it, you have a clear head and can see things that would otherwise have been missed. When I last edited a book, I hated it. I suppose that was because so much was needing tweaking. BHTS2 seems surprisingly different. Almost to the point that I’m wondering if there is something that I’m missing. I’ve edited some 40,000 words of it in three days, and it hasn’t really needed much other than the odd typo correcting, a few word repititions ironing out and a few commas and semi-colons swapped around. There was a chapter I had forgotton to finish, but that was easily solved (I must have got distracted, written the next bit intending to come back, then forgot). It isn’t a bad read so far, so I’m hoping it doesn’t disappear downhill towards the end. I shall also try not to blow my own Vuvusela, as I understand quite how annoying they are.

This year has been a somewhat prolific year for writing. Long may it continue. For future reference to myself, when I’m suffering the next bout of writer’s block I would like to point out that having too many ideas flooding through my head and not enough time to write them down is almost as annoying as sitting at a computer staring at a blank screen struggling to let get the words flowing. I have another book idea to start work on after I’m done with this edit. I’ll let you all know what it is when I start commiting words to the page.