Books, boats, and an annoying ear.

So much for Summer – I think the weather has decided that we’ve had our alloted summer for this year. The rain started yesterday afternoon, and hasn’t stopped since. We even had a massive thunderstorm in the early hours of this morning.

However, rain does not stop work. We’ve rec eived confirmation that one of the wholesalers has agreed to stock the book. It’s more of a formality really, as we send them the information, and they send an email back to confirm that it is on their system and ready. We’re still waiting on the other wholesaler, and information from Waterstones. As they are one of the biggest UK retailers, the publisher feels it wise to make sure that they know about the book and that we build up a relationship which means they see the book as something that they want to stock in all their branches rather than just as and when it gets ordered.

The boat is now as good as complete. The last of the good weather was enough to get the sealant work done, and it got covered just as the rain started. Unfortunately, the sealant seems to be white, and not clear as I ordered. This is fine on the top deck and cockpit (which is painted white anyway) but on the hull it sticks out like a, er, white strip between brown and blue. It will need a touch of paint, but with the weather as it is that can wait. It’s purely cosmetic though, so there’s no rush.

My hearing isn’t too hot at the moment. I’ve had issues in my left ear since a couple of swims in Llandudno baths on holiday. Over the last week the pain has been constant and gives me headaches and neck aches too. Last night I had some dizzy spells which weren’t nice. This morning it’s better, but far from right. I keep hearing pops in my ear, presumably as pressure tries – and fails – to equalise properly. I’m going to be making an appointment to see the Doctor, just as soon as they are open to take calls at 9:00am.