"You’ve got a lot of books, but I already read this one"

The copy for the British Library is ready to be sent. For those who don’t know, this is the copy that has to be deposited with the British Library by law. It will be the seventh of my books that they will have. That means one copy down, 1,099 more from the initial print run to go.

I have sent all the forms that the wholsaler has requested. The perils of being with a small press is that it is very hands on. At least I understand what processes it takes to get a book into the shops – hopefully that will stand me in good stead later on. Now I can but wait until the data is on their syste, A notification should come back to the publisher if all goes well. After that it is a case of sending out review copies to two people at Waterstones’ central buying department and hoping that they like it.

Review copies have to go out too. There are a few magazines that are going to get a copy, as well as the offer of a few copies as competition prizes. Finally, I have to look into WH SMiths, Forbidden planet and Travelling man to see about getting them to stock the book. It’s all a long winded process if you ask me. But at least with my office full of boxes of books it feels like we really are getting closer to success!

Incidentally, for those who like facts and figures. 1,100 copies of a paperback book at 256 pages each weigh 260kg and come in 25 boxes each containing 44 books. They arrived on a pallet, and in theory could all fit in the boot and back seat of my car.