I can breathe, as long as no-one prods me too much.

The more eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed that updates have been a little few and far between. I make no apologies, given how ill I have been. Hopefully I am over the worst, but a chest infection that has been the follow on from a bad cold has floored me over the last week or so. I had pneumonia as a child which left scarring, and that in turn has left me with difficulty in fighting off any chest infection. Thank goodness I don’t have asthma too!

On the writing front things have begun to progress again. I’m getting into the swing of TLSOW, and it is starting to fill out and grow. In some ways it is nice to come back to something that I wrote quite a while ago now. I am distanced from the creative process, and I guess it makes it easier to see the words as how an unbiased reader might. At any rate, in places the text seemed to deal with the subject matter rather too briefly. That’s more than likely as a direct result of me trying (and in the most part failing) to keep the original word total down to short story length. At least now I have free reign to expand as much as I like. There’s a really nice story in TLSOW and I do hope I can do it justice. So far, for the number crunchers amongst you, I’ve passed the 23,500 word mark. Of course, some of that was the original long short story, though I have deleted and rewritten an awful lot of it – when you expand something like this, sometimes it is easier to start again with whole sections than to tinker.