Clear the roads!

Here at Jenny towers, excitement has ruled for the last couple of days. In a bizarre quirk of events when I renewed my car insurance, the new insurer (I always shop around) gave me a discount if I insured my partner, despite the fact that she only has a provisional licence. That means that we went shopping on Tuesday for ‘L’ plates, and Zoë got to drive the car on Wednesday afternoon for the first time.

We’ve been out today too. She’s getting better, though she did stall three times in a row (just as I predicted she would!). The more she drives the more confident she gets, though her magnetic attraction to the kerb still needs some work and nextdoor’s wheelie bin needs moth-to-mouth after getting clobbered.

It’s scary sitting in the passenger seat as some-one else drives my car perilously close to the kerb. Hopefully in a short space of time she will be good enough to take her test. I still find it hard to believe that the insurer offered a sizeable discount to insure a learner driver on a 170bhp monster.

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