Can somebody please tell me who the fool is?

Out of idle curiosity, I started looking up certain vinyl albums on Amazon. What scares me is the price that some of the LPs that I own now alledgedly are worth, if the ones listed were anything to go by. ‘Brave new world’ by Iron Maiden (gatefold double picture disk) scored scarily high, as did my seven 10″ disk boxed set of Oasis’ ‘Masterplan’. Several other LPs I have including Röyksopp, Charlatons, Blur and Kate Bush also seem prett y overpriced these days. However, taking the piss as so far the most expensive is ‘Mechanical Animals’ by Marilyn Manson on double LP at just shy of a wopping £102.

Just who are the idiots paying that kind of money? Alternatively, should my collection of over 1,000 LPs ranging from the 1960s through to the present day be insured for a little more than they currently are?