A day in the life.

My fingers feel very tired today. You see, they’ve done an awful lot of typing. It didn’t start out that way. I slept in late, partly on account of having only got to bed last night at 4:00am, and partly because it is Sunday (would it be bad to admit that I am still wearing the cami and knicker set I went to bed last night in?).

I was looking forward to the first race of the Formula 1 season today. F1 is a sport that I like to watch, and always have done. For the last five years I don’t think I have missed a single race; I have most of them recorded to DVD so I can rewatch any of them at leisure. (Okay, I’ll admit I’m weird, but you aren’t supposed to say that to my face). I had high hopes for the radical change in rules this year. I was hoping that it would lead to the promised overtaking and less of the procession that we’ve come to see in the last couple of years. Sadly, this failed to pan out as planned.

Fuelling the cars for the full race makes them too heavy, in my opinion. They simply don’t have the power and subsequent breaking ability to accelerate and stop that extra mass in such a way as to provide enough advantage to get to a corner ahead of the car in front. The whole race turned into a procession like we’ve never seen before. I hope that the FIA will quickly realise this and reintroduce fuel stops before the season is out. Otherwise it could get quite boring. The other thing that fuel stops do is add excitement, and much more strategy. Now it is just too boring. I’ll wait and see how the next race pans out, but judging on what I’ve seen so far, I’m sad to say I’m not excited.

This afternoon I began work on writing the dreaded book again. Over the last few days it had slipped a little bit. I’m at the stage of writing a book that I hate almost as much as the starting process. That is, the finishing process. The last 15,000 words can be the hardest to write. I know how the story is supposed to go, and how all the plot develops. There is no mystery left for me. I suppose that then is why I’ve become more than a little bored with this book. I really just want to move onto something new – I’m sure all writers can sympathise with me here.

Luckily today inspiration has flown, and I’ve been able to write nearly 5,500 words. That’s not bad, and gets me ever closer to the end. I’ve got two scenes that I wanted to get into this book written, and I’m more than pleased with one of them, and happy with the other. There’s just a few more scenes to go then it’s all done. Aaaah! If only it really was as simple as it sounds. The current word total, for those people who like to know these things, is just under 78,500.