To see a man about a pair.

Today is one of those days where writers’ block has struck. Actually, at the moment I’m still thankful that I’ve had such a run of productive weeks, getting to the 70,000 word mark last night. Unfortunately today is one of those days, not helped by the fact that I feel exhausted for no good reason at all and this exhaustion is rapidly turning into a queasiness that hints at something a little nastier for the weekend.

There’s been a lot of niggly illnesses running around of late, and I suppose it is only inevitable that I’m going to catch something sooner or later. That doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it though. I have to go out tonight, and I can’t say I’m looking forward to the walk, but maybe the outside air will make me feel better.

Yesterday I went into Manchester to see a man about a right pair. I’ll leave the cryptic description about that, but needless to say it made for a long afternoon that needed me to power my way back up Manchester Road towards the city centre and on to Victoria station to just manage to catch my train home. Yes, I know that I can catch a train from Oxford Road station, but that necessitates a change and isn’t necessarily guaranteed to meet up with that required change on time, leaving me with a possible one hour wait on a station platform somewhere, which isn’t ever my cup of tea.

It was strangely busy in Manchester, although the weather was somewhat nice. Walking around in shoes made for being pretty rather than being comfortable takes its toll though, and I paid for all that walking last night. Still, my weight needs to come down, so it’s all for the greater good. I only wish that I’d been told I was going to put on a stone in six months, because I would have planned how I was going to pork my way through food a little better. Greedy old me. The Wii fit was quite rude when it discovered how much I had put on in my absence from regular front room jogging and hula-hooping.