Those darn anniversaries come around ever so quick.

This weekend has been mostly a family weekend, and I’ve certainly enjoyed it. I can’t believe how long it ahs been since Zoë’s family have been here. How time passes by quickly.

Talking of time, the one year anniversarry of the civil partnership is almost upon us too. How quickly will the first 50 years of marriage actually seem to pass by? We’re still very much like a new couple in love, so I have little doubt that the fifty year mark will be reached without issue. For the first anniversary though we’ve decided to focus a little more on my birthday, which is the same day. The reason for this is that last year at the wedding it was something that although acknowledged, played very much second fiddle to the ceremony and the big day. And so it should have. But this year I get a birthday. Go me! Unfortunately funds are ever so tight this month, as a result of the car insurance taking an unexpected chunk out of the finances. So I suspect a bottle of Cava and a homebaked cake will puit in sterling service (and I like Zoë’s homebaked cakes a lot!).

On the writing front I have inevitably not had much time of the weekend. I suffered from writers’ block on Friday too (it happens) so it wasn’t until today that things came together again. I really got a handle on the scene that was causing all the trouble on Friday, and after a mammoth writing session I can safely say that it is all in the can (or on the hard drive?).