Can you tell when I’m taking a break from writing?

Today has been another day in a long list of days that have been busy with writing. I’ve done, on average, 2,000-3,000 words per day, which isn’t too bad. I don’t think I’ve had a single day in over a week where I wrote nothing. I really like this stage of writing a book when all the plot is mapped out and it is just a case of writing away. It puts two fingers up at all of those days where I was stuck for inspiration between books last year. I’m passing 50,000 words overall the moment I come back off this little break.

I can’t remember whether I blogged about it, so I’ll blog about it again. About a week ago I got an email from another agent in London interested in my work. Apparently he had been delayed by Christmas and illness, and apologised for taking a while to get back to me (I sent out to him in November, the day before I sent out to my current agent). He read the first three chapters and synopsis and loved it, and wanted to read the rest. I had to email back and explain it had found an agent, but I thought it was a tremendous vote of confidence that another completely independant agent loved BHTS. Hopefully the sequel I’m writing at the moment will be just as good. I have vowed that I will not write a third to make it a trilogy though. Though never say never – if the cheque was right I’d go and cheerleader in a skimpy outfit for Tony Blair when they prosecute him for war crimes (it would have to be a cheque with a lot of noughts after the first figure and before the decimal point though).

One of these days I think I’m going to wear my way right through this keyboard. Luckily for me, I don’t have very corrosive sweat, so I don’t dissolve keyboards and mice like some people do. I’ve had this keyboard since around 1999, and I love the feel of it (despite it only having been a dirt cheap replacement for the Cherry keyboard which died after only a year). Some of the keys are starting to change shape though. I was debating with Zoë just the other day how many words a year I probably write on this thing including books, articles, letters and blogs. We reckon over 600,000 at the very least, every year. I think what this suggestsd is that I was bored when I brought the topic up. These days keyboards that are available look terrible. What happened to cheap ivory coloured basic keyboards? It’s a good thing I bought a spare a good few years ago in case this one dies, because I find it very hard to get used to typing on different keyboards.

And finally: ‘Filth Pigs’ by the group Ministry is a great album. That is all.