I can see my car from here.

My car is in this picture, I assure you.

Google Earth isn’t the most up-to-date of images, I’m sure we all know. I’ve found on it satellite images that can be confirmed (though location of new buildings / places being redeveloped and so forth that can be up to five or six years old.

Of course I can find my house (because it never moves, silly) but this is the first time I have been able to confirm something that has a greater connection to me, because it moves around a lot, hopefully with me driving it. Finally, I have left my mark on Google Earth! (Sort of)

Now I just have to find myself on the street view. Well, I have driven past the van taking the pictures. Unfortunately that road isn’t on yet. These things take time. Incidentally, I may add, I moved from this location in October 2007 – thus proving that this particular Google image must date from before then.