Progress report, el presidente.

Can you tell I’ve been fending off the urge to install Tropico on this computer yet? I tend to find that all sorts of work avoidance schemes seem like a great idea when there is real writing work waiting to be done. I guess then that it is obvious that the sequel to ‘Bringing home the stars’ is underway. I’ve done just over 4,000 words in the last few days. It’s amazing really – that sounds to me like a pitiful amount, but my final year dissertation that accounted for one third of my entire work that year was only to be a maximum of 12,000 words. Such is the different standards of adult life. These days on a good day I have been known to right 8,000 words in just one day with ease. Still.

I mentioned the lure of computer games. Ever since I first began working as a writer, I purposefully removed all games from my computer as I worried that I would just end up frittering my time on them instead of, you know, working and all that. Back then I had just completed Unreal, and was beginning Half-Life. To this day, I haven’t found out what happens after halfway through Half-Life. Still, I’ve managed to live without that knowledge up until now.

This may be a replacement for the replacement for that computer, but it still has no computer games on it. Not even Solitaire – that’s one of the first bits of bloatware to be ripped out when the operating system is installed. Still, there is a Wii and a PS2 downstairs and I may have completed GTA San Andreas (for the Grove, man) but that’s something that’s a bit harder to flick onto from the desk in the office upstairs. Out of sight is out of mind, and all that.

Have you noticed I blog a lot when I should be writing books? I’ll get back to work…