Employment Law.

Employment law, despite good legislation, is an area that seems to be rife with fuckwitage. So many managers do not have a clue how to manage adequately, or more importantly, within the law. There are also companies that assume that they cannot fire an incompitant worker, despite said worker really taking the piss with their conduct. There are a number of books that I have found over the years that have proved invaluable:

*Employment Law by Melanie Slocombe (ISBN: 1-904053-92-0)
Employment Law, Nutshells by Andrew C. Bell (ISBN: 0-421-78370-2)
*Employment Law, Nutcases by Andrew C. Bell (ISBN: 0-421-87100-8)
*Employment Law by Jacqueline Martin & Chris Turner (ISBN: 0-340-88947-0)
Statutes on IT and e-commerce by Steve Hedley & Tanya Aplin (ISBN: 0-19-927303-0)
Discrimination Law by Aileen McColgan (ISBN: 1-84113-484-8)

The above are all useful texts in this area, and an invaluable resource. Those marked with a star are especially recommended for covering case law examples and a clear outline of laws and practical in-depth study of their workings and implications. They aren’t necessarrily too expensive either, with the third starred one only costing £5.99 when I was buying them and available from all good book retailers (and probably a few bad book retailers too!). This price may well have increased over the four years since I bought them, but they are still worth every penny.