Sequential writing.

I’ve finally made myself sit down in front of the computer and start to write the sequal to ‘Bringing home the stars’. I figure that when that goes to print, the publishers might start asking awkward questions like “How soon can you deliver a sequel?”. So I thought I’d keep one step ahead of the game, and get to work on it.

I’ve had a few rough ideas for a second instalment, and I’ve talked over one in particular with Zoë. I always envisioned the book as being more of a sc-fi/horror epic on the big screen, and to that end I’ve decided it must firstly steer clear of being a rehash of the first book, but at the same time telling something new and different utilising at least the main charector of the first – sequals are generally crap without at least some charector continuity.

I haven’t got much down. But starting is often the hardest thing. Once you get a few pages in and the ideas start unfolding, you wouldn’t believe how much easier writing gets. But until then, a blank screen and only the vaguest of ideas in your head can be quite off putting. Usually the temptation is to ‘put it off until tomorrow’ Then tomorrow never comes. Well, today is tomorrow and I’ve got 350 words down crisp and clear on the page. It’s not much, but it is a start and that’s what counts. Hopefully now I’ll be able to focus all the ideas together and produce a story that is at the very least as good as the first. Fingers crossed, and all that.