Who are you?

Ebay used to be a great place. I used it like many other people to buy hard to get items, as well as to buy all manner of things at the sort of prices that car boot sales and charity shops offered. Charity shops inevitably have suffered, with a supply of stock seeming to have been strangled. I assume all the missing stuff goes on Ebay now? But lately Ebay has become a bit of a joke. No longer does stuff dsell at a reasonable price all too often things are bid up to an incredible level, more often than not for many items to a level greater than many established mail order companies (or indeed high street shops) will sell the item for new right now this moment! There seems to be a tribe of manic bidders bidding things to an extreme level. Who the hell are these people? Why can’t I find them in the real world and encourage them to waste their money in my direction?

They say a fool and their money are eaily parted, begging the question how they got together in the first place.