Today I have mostly met William Hague

As the Ronseal advert might say: “This post does exactly what it says on the tin title”. Zoë and I have been off to see William Hague at a shindig in Whitefield. Some of you may know that Zoë is quite politically active, and I’m her driver. So off we went.

She’s met him before. I suppose I really ought to get around to apologising to him for the way my wife haranged him to get her photo taken with him last time they met. But everyone was doing it – that’s her story and she does stick to it. I’ve never met him before; he’s shorter than I imaginedf. However the charisma just oozes from him. He also spoke a lot that was refreshing to hear from a politician.

Oh, and we had our photo taken with him. Actually, we were talking with him (as you do) and some official photographer took our picture for some newsletter, and Zoë asked if she could get a copy.

So that’s been our evening. It was rather fun. In other news, I’ve completed some okaying and tweaking of chapters of ‘Bringing home the stars’ for the agent. Gosh! That sounds odd to say! Fingers crossed that this is the verge of the big time and seeing copies of my books on the bestsellers’ table in Waterstones. Oh, and the Hollywood blockbuster – don’t forget that. There’s a huge wedge of cash in selling film rights these days.

A girl can but dream.

2 thoughts on “Today I have mostly met William Hague

  1. I didn’t harangue him at all. I merely waited patiently while he chatted with some other people, then smiled, shook his hand and asked if I could get a quick photo before he popped off to do whatever he was actually there for.

    So nerr! 😛

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