Have your cake and Tweet it.

Everyone and their wife is packing a blog these days. It’s become all the rage since the days that I first started blogging in 2004. Back then I was in a queue to jump on the band wagon, but there were plenty more who decided to hop aboard afterwards. I don’t know why I never blogged before, after all I had been online since 1997. But I didn’t. I’m not sure that there were conventional blog sites back then; search engines were still in their infancy, and Ebay had yet to appear.

These days perhaps there is too much information. Never before has so much been posted about so little by so many. I hate Twitter, and I don’t hide it. I don’t really feel I need to know the bowel movements of people I could not give a shit about have no idea who they are. True, some Twitters (or ‘Shitters’ as I call them in a derogatory way) post real information – Stephen Fry springs to mind. But so many don’t, or abuse the Twitter system to post too much dribble that dilutes whatever pivotal things they also might have to say. So I don’t follow anyone’s Twitter feed.

But some blog sites have become ever so cliquey. There is an ‘in crowd’ and then there is ‘everyone else’. Most people fall into the ‘everyone else’ category, including me. It leaves me wondering if I am the blogging equivelent of the Twitter Shitter? Do I really care? There is a little voice in my head shouting “you bloody hypocrite” as I blog this. Still, there is cake downstairs and I shall be eating it.