If this is the future, where are the robots with personality disorders and people wearing Bakofoil?

Thanks to illness, the first few days of 2010 passed in a funk of fever, and around sixteen hours a day of not too refreshing sleep. So today actually feels more like a real New Year’s day, because it is the first time I’ve stepped outside since last year. Given it is only three days, that isn’t necessarily as amazing as it might sound said, say, in June.

There’s been lots of snow around Jenny Towers. The car is a mild white hummock, and the back garden is still virgin snow fresh, untainted by the local oinks children. Even the front door was a good seven or eight feet from the tracks left by nextdoor. It made me feel a bit like we had been lepors.

The walk has done me good. I went up to chez parents to borrow a drill and say hello. Cue many cheesy cries of “I haven’t seen you since last year!”. Riiiight.