Almost finished the Over-commercialised-festive-period shopping

Well, call me cynical, but I am. Anyway I’ve just about finished my Christmas shopping. Due to money constraints I’ve set myself a tight budget this year, and actually have managed to stick to it. I do hope that people like what I’ve got for them. I like to think that I’ve tried to anticipate what they like (helped in part by asking lots of questions) rather than making a guess and probably getting it wrong. There is, after all, nothing more awkward than getting some-one a gift that they really don’t know what to do with.

I am often accused of people difficult to buy for. I suppose it is partly because if I need something badly enough, I just buy it myself. However, if you were to be able to climb into my thoughts, you would discover I’m actually really easy to buy for. I have hobbies and interests, and sticking to those areas usually could get me something I would really like. I have an extensive model railway, and if you knew which periods I modelled and what I already have, then getting something is actually really easy. Also, I collect vinyl LPs. If you knew the music I was into, and again, what I already have, then there’s a good area too. I have extensive collections of books and as an OCD sufferer I tend to buy sets of books that match each other. Knowing what sets I collect and which ones of those sets I am missing is also a good present buying bet.

I also like lingerie. Not just any old lingerie, mind (a rookie mistake). There are certain things and certain colours and then you’re home free – well, as long as you know my size. Of course, a lady does not divulge those secrets here so *blows raspberry*