A bit of hobby-based DIY.

The Jenny model railway project is now finally in full swing. Let me explain: after selling a loud of childhood toys (Hornby Dublo tinplate trains for thyose who are interested) I decided I would plough the money earned back into one of my hobbies. That is, model railways (duh!). I wanted to build a proper exhibition quality layout and to do it professionally at every level. The trouble is though that this would be a tall order given how flaky my last model railway was with dubious woodworking for the baseboards (heavy and weak – the worst of both worlds) and crap electrics.

I bought the wood (an 8’x4′ sheet of 6mm ply) on Tuesday and set straight to work under the guidance of my Father. I’m really pleased to say that I did all the work with him just giving me tips and advice intermitantly. It took two days to build, but it is both very strong and very light. Yesterday I painted it all, and I have to say I am really pleased with the results – I’m actually proud of what I’ve done.

I’ll get some photos soon so I can illistrate progress. My idea is to use them as a basis of an article or articles for model railway magazines. Once the paint has dried nice and hard (I’m leaving it be all weekend to make sure) then it is on to the electrical and track side of things. I’ve done a lot of planning (and really, planning everything extensively has been the key this time) so once I make a trip to Preston to a little shop to buy the bits I need, I should progress quite fast. Then and only then does the fun stuff of actually making the models start. I’ve done one of the two boring bits in the form of the woodwork, so just the electrics to sort then the two things which sank my last project will be conquered!