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‘Bringing home the stars’ ebook.

Dezza is a gritty salvager in a harsh world. Forced to confront an urban myth made of the retelling of stories of the Mary Celeste, he finds himself pitched into a nightmare aboard a derelict Starliner in deep uncharted space. He loses his friends, his livelihood and his reputation aboard the vessel.
Returning to civilisation, he struggles to come to terms with society’s prejudices of a man who lost his crewmate to a ghost story, and the demons that lurk within his own mind.

Crawling inside a bottle, he is thrown a lifeline by one person who might believe him, on the condition he returns to the Starliner. He is offered the chance of redemption and an opportunity to confront those personal demons. There are questions to be answered, not least because another salvage crew have already been and disappeared without trace.