The grindstone beckons once more.

It’s been a busy weekend, not least because of the annual Halloween party that Zoë and I have hosted at Chateaux Kirk-Robinson since 2005. However, the new toner cartridge finally arrived (lightning fast despite the postal strike) so all was good for getting back to the grindstone today.

Actually, I’ve been very busy going through Colin Smythe’s recommendations. I’ve actually sent out to seven agents. Yes, that’s right: seven agents. Two were via email, but the rest were through snail mail. The printer has performed flawlessly; it is nice to have a quiet and reliable printer again, despite the fact that I prefer to work in a paperless office (“what heathen blasphemy for a writer is this?” I hear you all cry).

Tomorrow I’m off to Durham for a week, on matters of a recreational nature. That means I won’t be able to do much work, so I thought it best to make the extra special effort today. And I did.

In other news, Zoë entered me into NaNoWriMo again. She did this last year, and I did succeed in writing a book within the timeframe. I had then, however, an advantage that I had a really well-defdined idea in my head. Well, this year she’s signed me up again, and I must confess that I’m not entirely sure that I have the ideas, motivation or even time. But I suppose I ought to give it a shot. No promises though.

One thought on “The grindstone beckons once more.

  1. Jenny, I honestly believe getting you back into writing something new again will be the best thing for you. We came up with a fantastic idea for your novel and I’m going to be here with you every step of the way.

    Love and good luck hugs, hon!


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