Toner, toner and n’er a drop to drink.

It’s been a busy few days, despite being laid low by some mysterious illness that leaves me tired and full of fatigue. I’ve been getting more submissions off; I’m up to eighteen altogether now, and still have more to go. My trusty laser printer has been acting up a little. I suppose after some eighteen months of relative inactivity, suddenly being called upon to print hundreds of pages must be annoying. If it had a personality and could think, that is.

I’ve been getting odd lines of text looking faded. I’ve cleaned the optical unit with a can of compressed air (seriously – people do sell cans of nothing but compressed air. In some ways isn’t that like selling sand to Egyptions?) and a lot of dust came out. Latterly this seems to have worked and the print quality has improved. However it is apparent that cheap-n-cheerful refil toner cartridges aren’t as good quality as the super-duper overpriced Epson originals. Still, I never print graphics so I guess it will be okay.

Right, the printer has stopped chundering paper out so it’s just envelopes to address and I’ll post them all on the way to vote. Yes, I do vote – anything to get one useless bunch of career charlatons out to be replaced by another set of career charlatons. Gosh: aren’t I a cynic?