What you can do with paper and toner – who knew?

Two lots of ‘Bringing home the stars’ went out to agents yesterday, and another three have gone out today. All hail my newfound productivity! (with a little help from arrival yesterday of printer paper and toner).

It’s amazing how much motivation being able to get things done has given me. I’ve cleaned the bathroom too (a job that had been lurking for a week) and done all manner of other little niggly jobs like change the gas and electricity supplier, handled Zoë’s brimming and unloved message inbox (she is working too many hours these days to find time for much on the internet) and even had a change of the train porn display case in the office.

I must add, for those who weren’t already aware, that Zoë terms my interest in all things railways as “train porn” not least because I have an antique oak chest in my office that if opened contains full to the brim lots of model railway locomotives, coaches and wagons. It was odd at first to hear her call it the “train porn chest” but I’m used to it now, to the point that I like to embaress her in the street when we’re down in Manchester together by asking “Can we go to the train porn shop?”. I suspect it is a rather odd interest for a girly girl to have, but then all authors have to have their quirks.