Waiting in for Royal Fail.

So, how many weeks is average for first class post? I’ve been waiting over a week now for a replacement toner cartridge for my laser printer. It was posted the week before last, yet it is still not here. To boot, an LP ordered off Amazon at the same time is also not here. Just how bad is Royal Fail these days?

I think next time I ought to be ordering the cartridge at the first signs of running low on toner, rather than continually shaking the cartridge to get a few more pages out until shaking gets me no further. I’ve been pretty much twiddling my thumbs for the last week because I just can’t print off anything. Normally I work in a paperless office, but alas it seems most agents do not share my environmental views and demand hard copy double spaced and single sided of everything (hence why my paperless office does still have a printer).