Preparing for the big break away.

I’ve been busy today checking that the caravan attaches to my car and tows okay. I’ve had the car for four and a half years, but in that time have never used it to tow. It turns out that everything is fine and it tows better even than the car my parents use. On the way back from the caravan storage site, we called in at a scrapyard where I haqd eyeballed a Volvo 850 saloon on the stack of cars a few weeks ago. The reason – I needed a new driver’s side wing mirror as mine had begun to work loose and flap at speed. Certainly not a good thing when using mirror extensions for towing.

It cost £25, and I’ve fitted it this afternoon. It’s more of a faff than hard, but I’ve done it and it works first time. I feel really accomplished, and happy that for the first time in four and a half years I don’t have flappy wing mirrors. Up until now I’ve been wary of car washes, but I might treat my car to a trip through the local one to celebrate. Or not.